Help the City of Brotherly Love live up to its name by showing your care for your fellow Philadelphians through service!  More people than ever are getting out and showing their love of their neighbors, their communities, and their city, because they know that when we nuture and support others, we not only improve things for all of us, we also feed that essential part of ourselves that makes us human, 

Think of your Service as a Valentine to the City!  Here are some opportunities to help you find your Service Match:





Clean up Bartram's Garden and the Schuylkill River bank

Southwest Philadelphia

March 7, 2017

United By Blue

Operate a call center to help children get free dental care

Center City

March 7-25, 2017

Public Citizens for Children + Youth

Help pack and deliver food to families in need

Northeast Philadelphia

Sundays at 10 am

Jewish Relief Agency

Volunteer at Blaine Elementary’s after school programs

North Philadelphia

Monday-Friday afternoons

Blaine Academics Plus School

Teach art to children

South Philadelphia

Afternoons throughout the week/weekend

Kind Institute


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